75 Valiant will it fit?

I have a 1975 Valiant w/bbp. I want to run a 205 60R15 on front and a 235 60R15 on rear. With these rims that are a 15 x 6 w/3 1/4 BS and a 15 x 7 w 3 1/2 bs

"alright was on ebay looking around and found some wheels in small bolt pattern. wasn't happy with the $ 95 shipping charges so i found them elsewhere and all around cheaper. i'll include all sizes and bolt patterns plus the offset ( all measurements are in millimeters!!! ) so if you are interested call them and tell them you belong to this website and who referred you (me) and they will take care of you with some nice looking wheels.(prices avg $100)with shipping extra (to me in okla. it was $65 for 4 wheels)
15x4.5-5x4(-16) 15x6-5x4(+6) 15x7-5x4(+0) 15x8-5x4(-19) they also have it in big bolt pattern also with other sizes available 14x6 thru 15x10. if interested call Kim Dailey @ 1-800-379-5333 and at www.JDWheels.com hope this helps everyone with a new choice in wheels at a great price. sorry i got in a hurry the brand is majestic and the model number is 787
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That is if I'm figuring right. 15x6 w/+ 6mm (0.2362.... in) +3 =3.24... and 15x7 w/0 offset =3 1/2 Right??????? I've already ordered the wheels and am getting ready to make sure tire guy has the tires there by the time I get back home from work. Thanks in advance Mike
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