74 duster for sale

The time has come to let this one go. ive only managed to put about 40 miles on it this summer. I don't really have space for it over winter ect. But I will keep it before i give it away. even if i end up parking it outside on the hauler over winter.

good: Mopar Magnum crate engine (380/400). hooker headders, 2 1/2 pipes to hooker aero chamber mufflers (sounds mean). centerforce clutch (im told). 833 4 speed with Hurst V gate shifter. 8.75 rear with pinion snubber and "race springs" I dunno what they are, they arent super stocks. and origional duster hood scoop, and "go wing", not sure if that is real or repop. currently has 2.94 rear for hiway driving. 3.91 posi is avalible. All tires are just over 2 years old. im not a burnout king so the rears are still probably 90%. I do also have a set of 14" rally wheels for the car.

Bad: the body work was an amature job, 8+ years ago. against all odds it is still pretty good looking with the only hole being in the left rocker. the floor pans and structure are all decent. may need a drivers pan some day, but not today. A mopar body guy I know looked it over and said it will be an eazy car to do right. no radio (but not cut up for one either). heater is completely gone so its a nice day / race car only unless you replace it. bucket seats are from a lebaron. they are comfortable and look ok in the car, but are not verry well mounted. they were a quicky install. Dash pad looks like somebody was setting off bombs on it.

even with the 2.94 gear i was only getting 15mpg the one trip i checked it. I doubt it would be much worse with 3.91s but I never had them in so im not sure. I would take it anywhere today without thinking twice. it just wouldnt be the cheap way to get there. Im asking $5900 to start based on the value of its parts. Located between Madison and Milwaukee WI. Email racin78@charter.net or post here
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