74 dart 318 questions

Hello, first time poster here. 8) I have a recently rebuilt 318, thats all stock besides the cam, exhaust, carb, and air cleaner. I bought the car with the cam already in it, so I'm not sure what I have exactly. I took apart the whole front of the motor hoping a number was stamped on the end of the cam, but no luck. The carb is a AFB carter 4 barrel, I think 600cfm, part no is: 9605s. It idles alright once its warm, It sounds real good but I can smell the gas. Is this normal for having a big cam? Or is the carb to big or maybe needs smaller jets? Also, what exhaust manifold should I go with the 4 barrel 600cfm? Any help would be great, because I don't really know what I'm doing yet.
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