71 Demon

I just bought this car, got it home and started in on it. I put new exhaust on, got it cleaned up. then I went back to just looking at cars...my favorite pastime. I saw the car of my dreams, that happened to be appx. ten miles away from my home...so the Demon must go! It is a nums matching 318 Demon. Engine and tranny are fresh with about 1300 miles on it. It runs absolutely fantastick. All lights work, heater will run you out of the car! Door buzzer even works. It will need a carpet, and a headliner. the package tray is on its way now to my home. The buckets are white but are nice and firm. They should be re-skinned with black. This car must go and go fast. It has surface rust on the rooof and trunklid and some alongside driver side. It will need a patch panel for the area just in front of the passenger quarter. Trunk has a slit of rust just alongside the driver frame rail. Spare tire well is super solid. I have been driving it around and it will freak you out on how well it drives! I will take more pics when the sun comes out again...shit I have not seen it in a week!
$7500 OBO

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