7-1/4 info and help

Okay, having had my 1964 Barracuda for about a month or so now, I finally rolled under the back of the car to look @ the rear end and undercarriage to see just how good or bad it is.

I've ascertained, much to my dismay, that the rear end is a 7 1/4 rear, and am not sure what the gear ratio is, so I did what I was taught long ago while training to be a mechanic.

With the car up in the air, I put a mark on the drive shaft, and turned the rear tire one full revolution and counted the turns of the drive shaft. Well, the result I got was way strange, so I rolled under the car, marked the tire, and turned the drive shaft until the tire turned one complete revolution. Same result, numerous times with both ways testing.

The result, right about 2.00. Now,I got this car from a guy in New Mexico, and am wondering if he was planning to take it to BOnneville and run speed or what, but something just doesn't seem right about those gears, but I did it al least 5 or 6 times each way, blocking one wheel so the other would spin(not posi or limited slip).

Any ideas???? Did the 7 1/4's come with those shallow of gears?????

Inquiring mindless

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