68 Coronet for sale

I have a 1968 Dodge Coronet 440 two door hardtop for sale.I am the second owner and have owned it since 1985.It is a low mileage car and has been in storage most of its life.It has been garage kept since 1969.I have a good title and I also have the original title.I have the buildsheet,fender tag,dash,certicard,and original owners manual.
This car was hit in the drivers door in Dec 1969.It was then put into storage from 1969-1985.I restored the car and put it back on the road in 1987.I drove the car from 1987-1991.The car has been in storage from 1991-2009.So this car was in storage 30 plus years.The car has less than 40,000 miles on it.
As I said the car was hit in the door in 1969.When I restored the car in 1985 the drivers door,fender,rocker,door jamb,and part of the floor was replaced.
The passenger quarter rusted alittle while I had it stored in my fathers garage in the 90's.THIS IS THE ONLY RUST THE CAR HAS EVER HAD...The quarter has now been patched.The drivers quarter has been spliced in the middle.If I keep it I may just put two new quarters on it.
About 4 years ago I tore the car apart to restore again.I was going to paint it blue this time around and make it look alot like a Coronet R/T without the badges.Well soon after I bought my 68 GTS which is a driving project so the Coronet needs to go.
I have many spare parts tail lights,NOS grille,hood,two fenders,misc.trim complete under dash AC stuff,heater AC box,heater box,etc.I also have New parts front bucket and rear seat Coronet R/T black seat covers.New front and rear black Coronet R/T door panels,New seat backs,New weather stripping for the whole car,New paint seal set,New splash panels.I also have Coronet R/T bucket seats,Coronet R/T console,Coronet R/T dash frame.
I put the numbers matching engine in a Dart years back because I was going to put a 440 in it anyway.I still have the small block trans and radiator.
Parts missing.....Fuel tank,went bad from sitting so I got rid of it
Engine wiring harness,stole it for another car
Windshield,I sold it going to buy a new one
Third member,stole for another car

$5000.00 for all of it I was asking $6800.00 last year and had a deposit put on it a year ago. I will take A bodies in on trade 2 or 4 door.I perfer a car that is together and running.But if you have a clean roller that will work.My wife is wanting a car of her own and she likes 67-76 Darts and valiants maybe a Duster.
I am located in Illinois Email at sixtyeight383gts@yahoo.com
Click my avatar "68 GTS pic" and go to my pics.There are a few pics there sorry there not the best.
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