66 dart GT

Hey folks,
I`m able to buy a 66 dart GT 2 dr, for not that much money. It has been sitting for a few months but today when i went looking we started the engine without a problem.
I`m still doubting if i should do it or not. `cause of its sitting there are some issues. In my eyes the are minor. The interior isn`t that nice anymore, and the paint is overall in a ok condition, some little rust issues in the rear wheel fenders.

I have some pice, but i`m not at home right now so i can not upload them.
What i`m wondering there is a 'what i am told original' roof window in it. Is it original an can anyone show me pics of it?
Its the GT with a slant 6 automatic, and middle console. Bumpers need to be rechromed and paint has some pits and scratches.

The big question is, should i buy this car? My heart says yes, but first of all I want some more information in this type.

The wheel mouldings are missing and one of the rear light lenses, and the radio. Furthermore it`s complete and has low mileage, i can buy it from the 2nd owner.

I want to see some pics from other owners (especially from the special painted ones), and info about bad points of this type.

tnx Sjaak

(I allready own the 64 conv valiant, and the techniques are most the same so that wo`t be a problem)
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