5.9 Magnum into a 73Duster

Just bought a complete running 5.9 out of a 99 Durango for the Duster. After a good cleaning and check up we'll install it into the duster and start hooking things up. The biggest problem will be hooking up the ECU. Been looking for a good picture of the pinout connectors on the ECU, Bought a Chiltons book for the durango. Its a big help back is still lacking. Even Snap ons shop key didn't have any more info. Does any one have a factory shop manual ? That they can scan for me?
The only other problem is which fuel pump to run out side the tank. Leaning towards edelbrocks pump that they use. I'll just modify the old sender for the new line.
Has anyone else done this yet? Or have I forgot something?
Would really like to get it running right in stock form, then pull it back out for rebuilding/mods.
Thanks, OG

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