49 Chrysler Windsor

This is my first message and new to Mopar. I just bought a 49 Windsor and found the previous owner had the battery connected wrong, opposite of what it should be. I'm not sure if it hurt anything or not or if the gauges were affected, so far it seems ok.
Also does anyone know if the fluid drive transmission needs adjusting. The mechanic told me it was a 3 speed on the column, but it shifts like a fluid drive. There is no 1st gear where 1st would be. When I put it in low gear, it doesn't feel like it shifts. When I put it in high gear the first time, again it didn't feel like it shifted, but the 2nd time it seemed ok and in high gear.
I'm not use to the fluid drive and know very little about them - any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Also I'm looking for a Chrysler Windsor club to joint.
Many Thanks