440 ordeal continued

Still has no compression. I will try to be brief. Hyd. cam 440. After trying different pushrod lengths, I changed to a Crane adjustable rocker setup.
Set the rocker arms with cam on base circle to 0 lash. Engine started for maybe 1 second. Lifters pumped up and would not bleed down. Today I pulled the comp cam & lifters out and put a Crane 272 cam & lifters in. Set the new lifters to 0 lash + 1 turn. lifters had at least 1/4 inch travel left. I watched them as I had the intake off. They were on base circle. Engine started for 1 second. Again, no compression. Timing right at 0 for starting, cranking oil pressure 45. Been working on it for 3 weeks. It almst seems like the lifter galleys are overpressured or something. Please Help!
Author: admin