4 speed versus auto- which one?

Hey guys,

in building my scamp i have access to a 4 speed to put behind it...my car will be a street/ strip effort, and i really want it to put down consistent times....I originally wanted to go automatic, because from what i hear its faster at the track, and with getting stall converters and such, it seems to really help out in going faster- faster is what im after....

BUT, my friends ( who love manual transmission) keep telling me to put a 4 speed in the car....i have everything to do it, but i keep telling them that id rather have the auto because its faster....is this true? I mean, besides what you guys actually prefer, what are the pros and cons of each one when trying to turn the fastest quarter mile...like i said, timeslips are important for me even though it will be mainly street driven...I know shifting gears in a manual is fun, which is why im being tempted to do it, but if there is really a significant advantage with staying auto for the power and times, id rather stick with it....if you guys could lend your opinions and what is good about each and what is bad i would really appreciate it as all this 4 speed talk has me thinking now:toothy10:

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