360 stroker build

came to parking my green machine and need some help for the best stroker combo for her.(still drive a 72dart)

the plans are a 10 to 11 second car at least 500hp all forged internals for future nos hits.(i'm really tired of 13's)but want 11's and low 12's w/o nos.

i ve come to thinking 4in crank, 10.5 compression, port my eddies to about 290 or more and big ass .650 roller cam with existing 4200 stall 727 moser60 4:11. 1 7/8 tti's w/3in x pipes

but really what do you guys think will get the job done.

what cam will be best for nos and w/o/

what pistons should i pick?

scat or eagle or callies crank?

what should my heads flow to support 500hp+?

should i use a windage tray? (drag race car only)

what main caps should i use?

anybody recommend 301 pontiac rings?(less friction)

my 3500$ needs your two cents. guys i have drove nothing but a dart for the past 6 years since i was 19, and its time to step it up.
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