360 rebuild issues

Took my Magnum short block to a local machine shop, had some previous dealings with them so there were no worries. Turns out the owner turned it over to his son in law. He told me all it was going to need is a light hone and polish the crank. After dropping it off I stopped by a few times to talk with him and see how things were going. First red flag Chevy - Chevy - Chevy was all he kept referring to! But anyway had them clean up the block, hone the cylinders, and polish the crank. They also qouted me what I thought was a fair price for the bearings so got those too. Had him check my bearing clearances which he says are in spec but I'm not so sure about that. I bagged and labeled each part and then he dumped them all together to wash them! Gave me back bag o bolts.Painted over the rust on the block, painted where the oil filter plate goes. Sorry but just had to finish my little rant :-({|= First issue- small pitting / nick in one of the cylinder walls. Is this going to be OK? I can defenitly feel it with my finger. On closer inspection it looks like a series of small pits. I don't have a lot of experience but the machine shop must have thought in was OK.

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