340 part

i recently placed an ad with quit a few parts on it. at first i got afew responses. but no one followd up, l don't know if i had the parts priced to high or what. but here is what i'm going to do. i own a complete1971 340 fromthe LD340 intake to the hp exhaust maifolds to the windagetray and oilpan, i also have a branb new set of coomp cama roller rockers and shaft.l also a 323 third member for an 8 3/4, i also have one extra driverside exhaust manifold. and yes the 71 block does have x-heads. i also have one set of bb hp manifolds.i have seceral other things as well just ask i really need to get rid of these, i have been saving thr parts for over 15 years and my family has fell on some hard time right now or they would be for sell now. i promise you that, you would'nt beleive some of the things i been through to get my hands on some of the parts. but please if you interested call and make an resonably offer to 731-607-7284 or 731-607-5102
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