340 Dart Engine & Transmission. New York

I just bought my first mopar a couple weeks back. It's a 69 Dart Swinger, Blue with Blue interior originally a NC car until a month ago. It had a 340 4-speed originally but whoever had it at one time junked the engine and trans and dropped a 318 (because it was newer) with auto in it. Pedals are gone, shifters gone, hump has been cut out but that I have. I'm trying to get this car back to what it could be.

If anyone has a 340 engine, a 4-speed trans (A833), pedals, shifter, anything you think I might need please help me out. I'm located in Syracuse, NY so really I can drive anywhere in NY and most of PA. As it is, The car i bought was a 3 hour + drive.

Other items - front bench seat, I think the one in it now is out of a valiant and all torn up. Maybe I just need a new cover material?

I have a steering column with the column shifter now, so i could use one with out and my wheels not a full circle anymore.

Rear End/differential - They replaced it with one out of 68 Charger R/T with posi. So I'm assuming its a good solid rear but I would like to get a good posi that is A-Body Specific if possible. I dont even know what a good one would be, any info here would help

I think that's good for now, this forum looks like a great place for information and help. If anyone out there can help please let me know, I'll be on here often as I'm just getting started and have a long way to go.

You can give me a call at (315) 254-6507. I'm pretty busy so leave a message and I'll call back ASAP.

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