318 build opinions please.

My goal here is to get the wife's 66 into the mid 12's with a 318.
I am going to keep it as simple, and inexpensive as possible using parts I already have.

I have a freshly rebuilt .040 over 318 shortblock.
Stock height pistons with valve reliefs.
cast crank
The cam is a purple shaft lift 508/508 duration I think is 292/292
Stock mopar adjustable rockers
Windage tray
Double roller timing chain
650 Carter
Clutch fan
1 5/8" headers
2 1/2" exhaust with "X" pipe.
FBO ignition

318 smog heads (not 302's)
360 small valve heads (flow 230 at .500)

Eddie performer intake
Stock 360 4bbl

If I break parts I want it to be cheap to put the engine back together. I am thinking about shaving down the 360 heads and intake to make CR 9.5 instead of getting high dollar pistons.

I know the 318 heads will have better port velocity but that is alot of cam and the 360 heads are at least small valve heads.

I don't want to get into the transmission or the rear here, only the engine itself. I will start other threads for them when the time is right.

Anyone know the weight of a smallblock 66 Dart in street trim?

What are your thoughts?
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