‘308’ -casting heads

Just want some input on the '89-'91 heads that were put on 360's and cop car 318s'. I've got a fresh set of them (fully checked, surfaced, multi-angle valve job, and the HD seals) from my buddy's machine shop for a total investment of $250. I got a '70 vintage 340 shortblock from a friend for free, a new ITB stock 340 cam for $125 (another friend's relative never used it) and a set of brand new alumacoated Flowtechs for $150. Scored an Edelbrock Performer RPM off Craigslist for $85, a low-mileage TQ off a 360 powered 1972 D-250 for $26.50 plus tax at the Pull-A-Part. My plan is to freshen up everything properly, but on a budget. Has anybody utilized these heads and what has been their experience with them? I have heard that hogging them out is actually bad for these and was wondering what mod's work and don't work for them- I am doing my 2-dr "Granny" Valiant and the whole vibe is to make a clean and mostly stock APPEARING '60's cheapy car that is a well-rounded performer/driver
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