Hi guys/gals

Well I'm finaly getting to the point where I can start on my 65 Valiant, the apprenticship is done and the bills are almost all payed off.

So I now have a couple of questions.

I was thinking of doing some work to my 273 to make it more like the comando motor. Though I have heard that to put a 4brl in take on the 65 LA motor it's a one year only is this true?

Then what was the difference inthe heads on a comando and the regular 273?

Now to through a hole wrench into things I have a set of 340 J heads as well. I was thinking of using these, is there any advantage to these heads or would they be to much for a 273?

And last I do have a line on a 340 should I just bag the 273 and go to the 340?

Thank you guys/gals for all your Imput

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