1974 Dodge Dart Sport Drag Car

I am selling this car for a friend. Up for sale is a 1974 Dodge Dart Sport Drag Car. This car was built in the late ‘90s and was raced up until about a year and a half ago. When running, it ran a 5.57 in the 1/8 mile. The car had a very mean .030 over 440ci mounted to a 727. The previous owner now runs an Omni and the Dart was sold. The 440/727 was yanked out along with most of the electronics.

Body: This car only weighed 2700 lbs. with the big block. The shell is steel with the quarter panels having been trimmed at one time for bigger tires. The front fenders, hood, hood scoop, doors, decklid, wheel tubs, and front/rear bumpers are all made of fiberglass. The front inner fender aprons were removed. With a few bolts you can remove the whole front cap. Pull a couple pins and you can remove the door shells. The only piece of glass on the car is the windshield. The rest is made of Lexxan. Most all of the interior was removed with the exception of the dash frame. An 8-point cage was installed. There is an OEM (make unknown) bucket seat installed with a 5-point RCI Harness dated Feb. 1997. Most everything that was not needed on the car was removed. The wiper motor, linkage, and arms were all removed. The body is very solid. The white paint is presentable with a few nicks here and there.

Drivetrain/suspension: Car currently has no engine or transmission but is setup to run a big block. Included in the auction is an almost new pair of Hooker Super Competition fenderwell headers that run around $500. The rear end is an 8 ¾ with a 4.10 Strange Spool setup. The driveshaft is included with the car. There is also a driveshaft loop mounted to the tunnel. The car has a manual disc brake setup on the front and drums in the rear. The steering box is also manual. The car comes with an OEM style 26in radiator that is in great shape. In the trunk you will find a fuel cell with a Holley Blue Pump. The fuel line is ½ inch that runs into a regulator up front. Also in the trunk is a battery box. The spare tire sump was removed from the trunk floor and a flat piece of aluminum was installed. This car was setup to run without an alternator. On the tail light panel you will find the On/Off cutoff switch, plug in to charge the battery between runs, and another On/Off switch to operate the mandatory tail light.

Wheels/Tires: The car has an almost new set of Weld Draglites. The rear tires are 28 X 10.5.

To see MANY more pictures of this car go to this website http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y22...art/?start=all . This car DOES have a clear title. Throw in an engine, transmission, and some electronics and you’re ready to go to the track! This would be a great car for someone trying to get started in drag racing. Save a lot of money! You could not build a car for what the reserve is set at. A-Body Mopars are the new big thing! Buy this one before the prices go up!

$4000 obo

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at CornDog05@yahoo.com You can also contact my friend, who owns the car, at (601) 750-1901 (cell) or (601) 892-5901 (home). His name is Tim

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