1974 Dart Police Sedan – A day in the life

This will be the "Restification" Thread for my 1974 Dart Sedan. Per the previous owner this Dart was Owned by the City of Scottsdale, AZ and was used as a Detectives Unit car. It is not a Police car in any way as ordered by Scottsdale but was used as such its entire Public Service life. Needless to say as an Arizona car this car is RUST FREE! On the down side ALL the vinyl is toasted to a crisp.

The only Options of note are :
Radio Delete,
F16 = 34 Amp Alternator (Thanks 7demon2!),
S13 = Rallye HD Suspension,
S42 = Sway Bar - Front,
And in the Remarks block: 63 = Special Equipment Order.
It also has a 2nd Fender Tag under the regular Tag that says "Special Handling Car".
I am going to restore this car to it's original job in life as an Unmarked Detectives car.

The guy I bought her from in Louisiana had already rebuilt the Front End. He then broke the Damper Pulley trying to remove it to "Change a Belt"... go figure! He had sold the car on ebay and the winner backed out. He then emailed me to see if I still wanted her. I told him I had already bought a 1976 Dart Sedan to make a tribute Police Car with and did not really have the money for his 1974 now. He made me an offer I could not refuse and off to Louisiana I went to get her.

The Day she came home:
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Attachment 40651
Attachment 40652
Attachment 40653
Attachment 40654

There was a very nice surprise in the Back Seat Upper: A vintage correct Smith & Wesson Blue Dash Beacon Light! I have already bought all the Police Equipment (Spotlight, Radar Unit, Cage, Siren Head and 100w Speaker, 2 Way Police Radio) for her and now just need to find a set of Seat Covers for her. These are not as easy to find as you would think! They are basic plain vinyl and are not reproduced by any of the companies that you would think of.

Bruce B.

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