1971 Plymouth Scamp 29,000 mile what’s it worth question

My brother bought a '71 Plymouth Scamp Slant Six years back and has been working on it for years; with no intention of driving it.

My other older brother wants it(he has plenty of money), but he lives out of state and his wife doesn't want him to get an older car.

The Scamp is all original and in mint shape. My brother had the head shaved, heavy duty push rods installed, along with the 2 barrell setup for added horsepower.

He updated the Refridgerent for the A/C and changed the O-Rings, along with a lot of other updates.

I told him to buy one again, needing a complete paint job, aside from bodywork would run at least $6,000 not including the cost of the car. And another $2,000 or more for the interior to be redone. I'm into B-bodies, he is a A-body guy.

How much for a very nice original '71 Scamp?? I know it's not a 340 car, but it's nice. I've been telling him to keep it, but last September he said he didn't want to wait for my older brother.

Personally, if I had the influence, he should keep it, he has never had a car ripped apart and restored...

Any help is appreciated!!

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