1965 Barracuda- Restomod


First off, any first generation Barracuda purists, this isn't a thread for you. It may go against any strong feelings you have for all that is original.

My name is Charlie, here I am the_night_rider. My introduction to Mopars began when I purchased a 1965 Barracuda from a shady local dealer. What I got was a slant-six, three on the tree slice of cool. That is after I got the car working.

It was originally sold in Washington and owned by the original owner for about 4 years. Currently I am (I believe) the 4th owner. By this time it had made its way down to Reno, NV. I bought it for about 2200 in August/September of 2007.

The car was working again by December of 2007. I drove it with no problems till about October of 2008 when the column shifter finally crapped out and would lock in almost any position. I trailered it and dropped it at my dad's shop a week later and just started tearing it down this last February.

So far the car has no interior in the main cabin. The cargo area still has carpet and will keep it because it is still in great shape. The cabin needs work. Lots. The car came with so much extra trim that I could have retrimed 2 other Barracudas!

Other than important original pieces like a radio and bezel, the car was about 92% original. The fender tag decodes as an original V-8 engine. I figure the fender isn't original or the engine was replaced during the gas crisis. Either way it isn't a big deal.

I dropped an a-833 four speed with over drive into it from a '77 Volare. I'm going to use a Hurst pistol grip shifter. I'll keep the slant six in it and just get as much power from it as I can. I found out a relative of mine has an Aussie Hemi slant six in storage somewhere. I might just use that at a later date. I haven't decided.

My front grill was cracked bad, like someone hit a few cars (or shopping carts!) so I pulled it out and am fabricating a custom Billet grill with hidden fog lamps.

About 4 months ago I traded a '67 VW Bug for my '66 Valiant Signet parts car. The thing is a rust free wonder. Im going to pull the bumpers off and replace my twisted and smashed ones. I liked the '66 bumpers because of the turn signal location.

What is great is that in and around Reno is full of obscure Mopar collectors that have plenty of parts to sell.

The Barracuda. August/September 2007.

Me in the cabin. Nothing is around except the back seat and headliner. June-ish 2009.

I added a '69 Charger fuel cap onto the side of the Barracuda with the help of 4mulaSvaliant and his adaptors.

I have decided to paint the car Top Banana Yellow and accent it with a black hood and paint all of the chrome black as well. The car looks funny (to me) with too much chrome. Right now it is still the color Med. Poly Red. I have the original wheels with later Dart hubcaps and ring. I would like to swap over to 14 inch Rallye Wheels.

But that is where I am with my project. I am aiming to finish the car by June 2010. It sounds like I have a lot left to do, but really the hard work is done. I swapped the transmission already so it is all down hill from here. More pictures to come soon.
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