1961 Valiant sighting

I posted this over at slantsix.org, but I thought some of you might like it as well.

Car culture website Jalopnik featured a 1961 Plymouth Valiant V-200 today. It was spotted in Alameda, California. Looks like it's in really nice shape. I was curious if it looked familiar to anyone here. Check out the car at this link and you can follow other links there to other articles on slant sixes and Valiants. There was also a 61 Lancer featured recently, which can be seen here.

It's nice to see old A-bodies and slant sixes treated with a bit of reverence on such a mainstream car site. Check out other Down On The Street articles for a fun slice of classic (and infamous) daily drivers. Plenty of Mopar A-Body goodness can be found inside....Like this 64 Dart Wagon!
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