10″ drum 2.5″ shoes on a 65 valiant??

Okay here is the newest dillema for today..........
Since this was my first look at the rear brakes currently installed. I got the rear drums off just fine, but measuring them out they measured 10 inch drums stamped max 10.090.....pretty cut and dry. I measured the pasd and they measure 2". Since the drivers side rivet scored I have decided to just get new drums and pads. Picked up some 10" drums from carquest here in San Diego that should work(their database showed only 9" for the rear...Guarantee 10 are on there currently)...The question I have is there data base showed 2 1/2" shoes for a 10" drum configuration. The ones on there currently are 2" wide.....So what is the correct brake set up (rear and front) for this year ??? 1965 Valiant wagon with the the stock 273 installed?? Any help from from someone here would be really appreciated. Thanks for helping.
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