This really ticked me off !!!

Back in December I found out about an old junkyard that was selling parts and whole cars. This yard had 1000s of cars and had not been touched as the owner would not sell anything. Well, he passed and the family sold it all to a scrapper. This was back in August so alot of the good stuff was already gone including all the E-bodies. This place was still loaded with 1000s of cars. I put my name and # on this 64 satellite, complete car very minor damage bucket seat floorshift car 318. There said they would call when the got to it.Attachment 15211
Well , I just happened to be coming home from work that way and thought I would stop and see where they were.[QUOTE]Attachment 15212[This is what I found. The roof was crushed everything inside was broke. They said there were still lots of good parts. They asked if I want it . I told them to crush it. What a bunch of f*****g a******s. the next car they crushed was a 74 sunroof charger. I have lots of pics from this yard. What a crying shame. Rick/QUOTE]
Author: rbbruno3