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Electric exhaust cut outs

Anybody running electric cut outs on their cars? If so, what brand are you running, and are their issues I should look out for? Just swapped a 512 into my Challenger and was thinking of adding them. My concern is exhaust leaks popping up.


1970 72 Brand new Red carpet set.

1970 -72 auto Red Carpet set Brand new. $105.00


1970 cuda NOS bottom grill . Mounts to bottom valance. $525.00

Borgeson steering

has anyone switched to the borgeson kit on a A/C big block? how was the fit, did you have to mod the top bolt mount.

Cant figure out head casting numbers. Only 6 digits

So, I’m planning what to do with the 360 that came with the car. I looked at the heads to figure out what they are and found casting number 348915-A (or at least how I’m seeing it. This is one number short and doesn’t show on any casting list. Anyon…

70 Challenger Restoration- has begun….

Hi everyone! I purchased a horribly rusted 70 Challenger (my wife thinks Im nuts for taking this project on) lol. Im currently only working on this in the evenings when my daughter is sleeping and wife is in bed. My plan is to try to make it as origina…

Console door hinge

Where can I buy a console door hinge for a 1970 Cuda? The spring is broken on mine.

What’s the difference between a hinge for a B and C body and E body console door?