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Seat Covers

These are the seats in my 71 Challenger convertible. Are these covers the same as the Cuda? Will the deluxe covers work without changing the foam?

Thanks in advance

1970 318 Cylinder Heads

Hi, I have a 1970 Challenger with the 318 engine, all original. Does the engine have the small port cylinder heads, with the port diameter of 1.09w X 1.55h?

Top Swap

Finally had the cheap Black top replaced with a quality White one, What a difference

545rfe trans

How much work is it to put one i an e body. Behind a 5.7.i posted this on a few other sites with no luck.. I dont mind if i have to do a lil fab work to the tunnel. Just wasnt sure if it was worth it. Or just go with a A500/A518 instead. Any help woul…

Cuda jack hook

Part number 2931100, in good shape and has the hole that indicatesthatit’scorrect for a Cuda. $60 + shipping or free delivery to Mopars in the Park

Located in 70817

Challenger 1970 part next to hood hinge

Hello, I’m not sure if this is right place to ask, but what is the function of the plastic parts next to hood hinges?

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