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70 Challenger parts

Looking for the following 1970 Challenger parts

Power Steering Hose Part # 2891214 or Kit in Box 3420194

Crankshaft Pulley Part # 2946789 Double Groove with P/S
offset bolt pattern / S stamped on back / 7-1/4 x 3-1/8

2 Motor Mounts Part # 2536121

DCS Cuda Challenger Muffler – Reproduction

New Cuda Challenger reproduction muffler by Dale’s Cuda Shop. No longer in production.

$100, plus shipping (located in Cleveland, OH)

1970-72 Hemi / 440-6 Skid Plate

1970-72 reproduction 426 Hemi / 440-6 crossmember / k-frame skid plate.

$80, plus shipping (located in Cleveland, OH)

1971 Alternator – 3438172 – Restored by Jim Ridge

1971 round back alternator, 3438172, date code 16 71. Professionally restored by Jim Ridge.

$600, plus shipping (located in Cleveland, OH)

1970-only Dodge Challenger Front Dash Corner Speakers

A pair of original 1970-only Challenger front dash corner speakers. Pulled from the dash I also have for sale. Note: Both speaker grilles are left side for 1970 Challenger. I didn’t notice it until I pulled them from the dash. Looks like they had …

Another TKX swap but with a Hemi.

My uncles have asked me to swap their 70 Cuda, not a numbers car but a beautiful car to start with.

Question on door latch pin in quarter panel jamb, ‘72 ‘Cuda

I need to lower the door latch pin on my car to better align the closed door to the quarter panel.
Loosening the latch pin with a torx wrench, and sliding it downward to the limit of the hole in the jamb does not give me enough adjustment downward. Th…