Putting in time at the junkyard

Went to junkyard yesterday looking for some transmission parts. Spent some time searching piles of transmission parts in a 1974 GMC/bluebird school bus found one 4 pinion front planetary grabbed a front and rear drum so outting would not be a total loss. Asked if that pile of trans cores was still available up the hill, yep. Hiked up there in the snow and ice dug though 3 pu beds with just Chrysler transmissions. The best prospect I find is this oneIMG_20140223_201720_864.jpgIMG_20140223_201632_810.jpg so do you grab a old piece of crap like that or walk on by?

You grab it at once and scrore.IMG_20140223_201812_260.jpg

A front and rear 4 pinion planetary plus earlier parts all for a hundred. Been a good weekend.