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Welcome, lemap68

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1965 Monaco

I finally bit the bullet and decided it was time. 8 years of "when are you getting it painted" finally got to me. She is parked in front of my brother’s sunoco station the day we got the 57 royal. Now she is in the body shop apart and getting…

my buddy’s 60 Desoto Adventurer project

my friend pulled his car out of the storage building /former chicken coop its been stored in for a few years now – lots of cars in there, the building is 300 ft long.
its a car that had a major restoration done quite a few years ago and only the interi…

Poverty caps on my ’66

I’ve got ’em, but not sure if I should add trim rings or not, and paint the wheels body color or some other color.

window slide / ideas 66 fury 2door

so I took apart the passenger rear quarter window assembly apart today as I am getting the car ready for paint and found that one of the slide parts is broken. Anyone have any ideas or parts cars that might have one? I have thought about having a mac…

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Starter issues 1963 880 w/361

Hey guys,

1963 Dodge 880 with original 361 (by casting number) 727 pushbutton.

Old starter is noisy, hangs for awhile and is generally crungy. So I read a 94 dakota starter will work. Ordered a proform from summit. Installed and it just clunks. Got…