Kickdown cable> Lokar ? or Buchillion?

I am ready to purchase a kickdown cable set up. What have yall found to work the best? easiest to install?Lokar is about half the price of the Bouchillon,but if its better ,easier,it may well be worth it. what do you guys think?

Search Ebay and Craigslist all at 1 site

Guys check out this site for all your ebay and c’s list stuff..

It doesnt get much better then this

Gotta love it — on the flop.

will these fit?

will these fit on the front of my duster? the main thing im concerned about is the backspacing. its a 14 by 6 inch rim and the backspacing is 3.5 inches

’67 Dart On C-list

Found this on C-List……..prob not too bad of a buy…


Sassy Grass done!

Here it is folks done as much as this cat is going to do. I think I should have picked something less green for the background, almost looks like one of those funky lizzards that changes colors with their environment.

need 600 cfm carb

i need a 600 cfm carb for my 360 duster or something close mine is edelbrock