1971 Dodge Dart back seat – $150 Aurora, CO

1971 Dodge Dart back seat with the original black upholstery in GREAT condition! The only flaws I could find are that the burlap backing on the seat bottom is coming out and there is one small pencil sized hole. The seat top is perfect! $150.00 cash only. Local sale only Denver, Colorado area. No shipping.

69 dart 270 parts

two grills one just grill $50, the other one complete with parking lamps w/new lens gaskets.detailed for $100, two rust free doors with glass and vent windows $100 ea. good set of tail lens $40 , roof bows w/ clips $40 ,many small items also a complete shell with rust free quarter full tub 8 point cage frame connectors and spring relocation need to be flat bed out on a jig support or dollies as it’s got no axels asking $400 can send photos car is based in mass.

Turn signal flasher location on 1966 plymouth sport fury

I am trying to locate the turn signal flasher on my 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury. Does anyone know where it is?

’68 Dart decal location

Hi- I want to replace the underhood decals that were removed when the PO painted the car. I’m looking for the emission info, timing, battery,coolant etc decals.


Running hot

I’m losing my patience with my toy. It runs hot. With a 190 stat I run 220-230 in traffic at 85-90 degrees outside. I checked the water temp against my gage and the gage is accurate. I installed a new (not OEM) replacement 22 inch radiator, 3 inch wide top tank. No help. I installed a shroud. No help. I installed a 160 stat and it slowly goes back up to 220-230 in stop and go traffic. I removed the hood sound insulation thinking it was trapping heat. No help. I have a new standard water pump…

another “Do? Or don’t I?”

OK.I have the option of picking up some Eddy heads (6077 or 60779) for my Sedan project. I have (what is supposed to be) a 60,000 mile 318 that I had originally planned on just changing the cam, valve springs, go from 1.50 to 1.60 exhaust and slap on a 4V and headers. Obviously the Eddy’s would be to much for that, but not if I stroke it.

I figure a darn good stroking will add (maybe) $1500 to the cost of the project. That, and the fact that the aluminum heads will look like aluminum heads is…

Sad days ahead – to the crusher

My local boneyard owner is “getting sick of it all” and is starting to send alot of his inventory to the crusher … SAD Image: http://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/images/icons/icon9.gif Quite a few Dodges, Plymouths, Chryslers, and AMCs on the chopping block. I walked around this morning for an hour and took a few photos of what I could find … I missed alot I’m sure but was in a hurry.