63-66 Front Floor Pans

E-bay Item # 140253235211, early a floor pans BIN 69.99each….has both sides..I just bought mine off Laysons and Kramer and paid alot more….

63-65 Front Floor Pans

Sorry for the double, mine hand studdered…

free 8 & 1/4 ” axle

Some bay area fabo member should jump on this not mine, just saw it ,better be quick !http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/pts/773017553.html

I stuck it in! :)

Well, i finally got my 360 in the duster. Me and two friends changed my /6 duster into a performer now. Swapped out the motor, rear end, tranny, torsion bars, radiator, totally rebuilt the front end and swapped drums for disc brakes. ALL THIS WEEKEND! i was pretty happy, we only ran into a few problems. I forgot the flexplate bolts, and rear shock plates which we just robbed from the old setup and made work. I’ll post pictures in my restoration forum as soon as i get them.

Dana 60 Rear Ends-Truck

I know that these do not directly fit A bodies, but I also know that many use them for conversions.

I have two Dana 60 rear ends. Both are 8 lug, 4.10 geared and open. Should be 3″ axle tubes and 30 spline.

Price is slightly flexible at $150 each.

Local delivery considered for expenses

Pics available if needed, but they are just axles.

7/16 x 20 wheel Nuts * Wanted *

yes i do know most autoparts stores has them.. im a recycle person so i thought i would ask..

anyone has about 10 right Hand Thread wheel nuts, and about 5 Left Hand ones..used old ones would work, need the old style “OPEN” acron nuts..

7/16 x 20 —> A-bodys

PM me!

K frame big block question and motor mounts ????

Hey guys a few weeks ago some one sent me a website of a company that builds new kframes bigblock and smallblock and new motor mount and stuff.. i seem to cant find it does and one know the website thanks. angelo