My “Other” Money Pit!

Hello again all! I've been gone a while, and finally just checking back in. Nothing new to report on the Newport, other than that she performed flawlessly this year and we enjoyed some nice laid back cruising in her! I did have a super busy summer/fall and what time I did manage to play with was spent getting one of my other rides back on line. It's a '77 Charger Daytona street/strip/show car, and my goal for last year was to get this boat into the 10's. Well, about the time I got the roll cage, the new Dana rearend setup, and the new converter in it last Spring, the engine started having oil pressure issues, so out it came. I spent most of the rest of the year sourcing the parts (and paying for them :icon_eek: ). Since I didn't want to piss off the Mopar gods that had the mercy to allow me to catch the motor issues before the thing scattered, I decided some upgrades were in order.

FYI, the engine is a 469" low deck stroker which is fed from a Procharger blower and intercooler setup. Before all the chassis work and with iron heads, small street headers, and a 3.21 geared Sure-grip, this porker had gone mid 11's @120. Year before last, I added alum. heads, 2" headers, roller rockers, and meth injection. This last summer when the motor came out, along with the basic rebuild items, I coated the pistons, replaced the welded factory stroker crank with a proper 4340 piece, added a main girdle setup, and converted it over to an external oiling system. Since beefing it up and not throwing more power at this thing would be sacrilege :eusa_naughty:, I decided to swap out the ancient D1X blower for an F1C unit.

Preliminary results point to it being a WAAAY stronger combo! Now if this weather would just break, I could get a few more miles on her and get to the dyno for some tuning. Then I can hopefully attain that long sought after timeslip! :woohoo:
Author: Mopardik