j body wiper link bushing repair?

Has anyone figured out a way to fix the big wiper link bushing on the motor end of the wiper link that fits only the 80-83 J bodies? I have replaced this piece at least twice on the same car, and it's always the big plastic bushing that's crumbled and fallen out. Serious lubrication at installation did not help. The bushing is not available separately...you have to buy the whole arm at a Chrysler list price of $90.00 --across the counter wholesale at the dealer is $70.00. I wouldn't mind paying the price if I could get the things to last more than three or fout years at a time. I checked the f/m body's wiper links...they appear to be different, different shaped arms and bushing arrangements...most likely because these cars park the wipers on the windshield, and the J body wipers are concealed. Any ideas will be helpful. Thanks for your help.
Author: skyhawk61