Flowmaster Mufflers $50 + shipping from los angeles

Flowmaster 40 series 2-1/2" in / out. these were on my 74' 318 dart when i got it. previous owner had installed them a couple months before i got the car. car is bone stock, so these are a little overkill. i removed them the first week i had it and they've been in the garage since. i had a set of these on my challenger and they are pretty nice.

note: NOT FOR PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN CONDOS WITH HOA's AND EASILY TICKED OFF NEIGHBORS i'd go into work at 3am and some of them lacked the propper appreciation for the sound

Flowmasters page on these:

loc: los angeles area. willing to ship for actual shipping price.
these still have the turndowns on them. if your not going to run them like that i could cut them off and save a couple bucks on shipping

thanks for lookin'

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Author: kursplat