Feb 26 Devo ~ Stronger Than The Surf

Stronger Than the Surf

Your statutes, Lord, stand firm; holiness adorns your house for endless days

(Psalm 93:5)

Living in the corner of Kansas, our trips to the ocean are rare. So it was with tremendous anticipation that my wife and I visited the coast of northern Oregon some years ago. Its rugged, rocky beauty did not disappoint us!

As we stood on the rocks, it was impossible not to feel some sense of awe as the waves crashed in, again and again and again. How could anything withstand such power? Surely, in another ten thousand years, every block and boulder would be ground to sand. The constant pounding of the waves and the wind could eventually send even the hardest rock into the beach. And yet, the coastline still holds, the beaches still stand. The ocean is still held in check.

Of how much greater power is the Word of God! Through the centuries it has withstood the bitterest attacks. Even though the enemies of truth still seek to silence the Scriptures, the revelation of the Lord through His prophets and apostles, through the Son himself, still guides, still stands firm. Against the relentless attacks of the enemy, the statutes of the Lord provide us with a solid anchor for life and for living.

O God, though the winds of life beat against me, sustain me by the power of Your Word. Let my feet be firmly anchored on the truth of Christ. In His name, Amen. :angel:


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Author: Magnumguy