Exhaust note?

i had my exhaust done a while ago and was very happy with the sound, but when they done it one side its got bugger all room between the chassis and the leaf spring and it clanks quite a bit , its taken me a while to notice as it was off the road almost straight after for a while getting panel and painted and then had a heap of shit in boot and thought it was that clanking around, but now all emptied and ready for americarna (big cruise and car show here in NZ) the clanking is pissing me off,the mufflers are just in front of the axle and the pipe goes over the axle etc, i went and seen the guy who done exhaust today and he said he will weld me up some turn downs and i can unbolt the back section from muffler back and bolt these turn downs on to eliminate the clanking for americarna, i unbolted the back section tonight so tomo i can just bolt the turn downs on and it sounds bloody horrible haha real dronny , will adding the turn downs change it?
Author: peterlucas