Engine Swap question

Hi all, I'm new here and new to classic Plymouths. I just purchased a 1970 Fury Sport. I'm going to be restoring it but have an engine swap question. I'd like to install a modern fuel injected engine into the car but am having a hard time finding info or mounts to allow me to do so easily. I would like to drop an 06,07 5.7l hemi into it. MSD makes a stand alone system for about $500 so I figured it would be a good choice. My question(s), is this the best/easiest modern MFI engine to swap in? Does anyone make mounts for it? I'm pretty sure the oil pan will have to be swapped out. Not sure about headers. I will be using the car a lot and would like it to be reliable. There just doesnt seem to be too much of an aftermarket for the c bodys. Thanks
Author: MAXIMUS75