Chomping at the bit!

I got my Imperial back! :eusa_dance:

OK, not physically, as it's currently trapped in the back of a pole building behind about 9,000 other cars and a 7'-high snowbank, but it's paid and I have the title in-hand. The guy who had it sold it back to me for what he paid, so it essentially turned out to be a two-year interest-free loan, during which the car sat the entire time essentially as collateral. The guy also tipped me off to a few more parts cars of the J-body persuasion; when the weather improves I'll go on tour and get some pictures for you interested types (windshields, anyone?). Pricing will likely be pretty reasonable, since around these parts you can't hardly give these cars away.

I can't wait to get the old girl home. There's much to be done, but having it here will definitely be a swift kick in the motivational pants. I have almost everything I need for the 360 swap and a few bits left to collect for the EFI setup. I've got to hit the yards and find an 8.75" axle housing and shafts and I've got a ton of interior work to do (Texas car--almost everything's shot). Gawd, this is just making the cabin fever that much worse! The garage beckons! Single digits be gone!
Author: NoCar340