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Secondary air woes

Just a couple days ago, my LeBaron (318-4) started to have detonations in the muffler when I got off the gas. That was really annoying and loud… Checking the muffler for leaks, but only some very minor hole (approx 1/10″). Then, thought over the whole thing and removed the belt of the smog pump.

Tada – detonation gone.

Obviously, the vac-switch turning off secondary air at high vac (when getting off the gas) is gone. I’ll see if I can get a replacement.

Fuel line

Need metal fuel line from fuel pump to carburetor from a cordoba 360ci

1979 LeBaron Ignition Control Module

How do I handle this problem of plug compatability?

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rim and tire combo ??

whats the biggest combo stuffed on the rear , is it safe to assume a 15×7 with 4.5 back space

Front Suspension Parts

All parts came off of 77 LeBaron:
Torsion bars $150 pr
Drivers side upper control arm (some rust on side) $20
L&R lower control arms $50 pr
L&R spindles $100 pr
Upper control arm pivot bracket $20 pr
Sway bar $50
Steering linkage $75
NOS TRW torsion bar bushings #12372A. $300 pr
All prices are without shipping
Can send pics
Open to offers
Can bring anything to Carlisle (this week) Mopar Carlisle or Mopar Nats if paid for
Parting out what’s left of car as well :sheet metal & interior…

Front Suspension Parts

Abandoned Volare and Aspen

Not far from my house there is an old farm with two abandoned F wagons. One is a dark green ’76/’77 Aspen, and the other is a copper ’76/’77 Volare. I managed to get a shot of the Aspen, but I didn’t want to trespass to get a good pic of the Volare. Both have been sitting there for years.

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Theres also a lichen covered ’56 Belvedere four door that has been sitting there forever. I remember seeing it sitting there as my school bus went past when I was in…

Abandoned Volare and Aspen