Category: General Repair Questions and Answers

Steering box lube?

What grease/lube do you put in a manual steering box? How do you know it is full or has enough?

who’s got a new Challenger?

I’m looking for someone who’s got a new Challenger, or works for Mopar and can thell me the area of the hood. How long, how wide. That’s all I need…

slant six head bolt torque

im changing heads on my slant six what is the head bolt torque ?the other head had adjustable rocker arms will that matter ?

Differences 66 / 67 Coronet Console


I am trying to find a new console body for my 66 Coronet 500 2Dr Ht. Most dealers sell console bodys that are for 67 to 70 Coronets, but some…

anyone ever deal with these guys?

“Carbs only” out of California; A long standing member of the /6 site touts them often and knows every one of their /6 apps by heart.
What I’m…

How to Identify a 383/400/440

Whats the best way to identify a 383/400/440? i found a BB in a local junkyard in a 82 ramcharger, definitly not stock but am trying to figure out…

one more dumb question

Why is it that your car always runs perfect till you need it? That was not the question though.
I just replaced my fuel sending unit in the tank….