Cam break in

Long winded post only read if you have all day.
It seems that I was nervous and made a bigger thing out of it than it was. Over the last couple months as weather would let me I removed the top end and added aluminum heads, new cam& lifters and had firm feel rebuild my steering gear box. Last Saturday I had the wife stand in front of it wile I broke in the cam. The temp came up higher then it ever has but not high enough to hurt it 215 F. It is a hughes cam with there better 5009 lifters. There break in called for slowly revving from 1500 to 2500 repeatedly for 30 min. After break in I drained the oil and removed the filter and everything was perfectly clean. I was so paranoid of wiping the cam I did everything recommended Installing the cam dry with only wd40 on outside surface of the lifters and rotating the cam to ensure the lifters rotated. Then removing every thing and lubing and reinstalling it. I even overkilled on lube with extra joe gibb assemble lube on lobes & lifter faces. right before I installed the valley pan I poured some comp cam lube over the cam since I wiped some lube off adjusting the lifters. I used 7 Qts of Brad penn break in oil and 1 pint of comp break in lube. It took me about 10 rotations to get the timing good enough to start it . Now that its over and I have 15 w 40 brad penn oil & a pint of addative and a little tuning with a vac gauge it idles and sounds great. All that's left is to reinstall my inner valve springs and save up for more back tires. Thanks for putting up with the long winded post. I just think someone should tell of a cam break in that did not end with removing the motor to start over. Thanks! I guess I should have said it is a 440 in a 67 charger.
Author: 67440chrg