Border crossing

After having a long talk with my father, who had been in trucking most of his life, the exchange of parts across the border is no more legal than the trafficking of drugs across the border. It would have to be set up as a legal business. All rules, regs, taxes, licenses, etc, would all need to be procured. Smuggling is smuggling. Just the jail term is shorter for F M J parts than heroin. I'm not sitting in jail so you can have shinier headlight rims, or I can get new T Top seals. I get caught at damn near everything I ever did. So for me, it's easier not to do it, than sweat it. I will continue to try to find a loophole, but from what he says, if I even accept gas money, I'm accepting a fee for delivery. That (bare minimum) carries commercial plates, insurance, passport, plus every damn fee both sides of the border can impose. I'd rather pay all the fees, taxes, etc.. than have to deal with the repercussions. But by then, the cost of doing business would probably exceed what we can get delivered commercially. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears. I'm retired on disability, so I have the time. I'd much rather work. I just need a job that fits my individual circumstance. A nice Air ride Bostrom, a healthy stereo, & Miss FunBags in the passenger seat (taking applications), sounds like a good job description! lol
Author: My imp