BitterSweet is home.

Picked it up today.
Sad pulling away from the seller.
He bought it for his wife. He owns a '62 Dodge. It was so they could go to shows together.
She died suddenly this last Dec. 23.
He kinda broke down. I felt I was stealing his memories of how much he loved her.
I don't feel good about it.

Ride home was totally uneventful. Beautiful day for a nice 45 minute drive. All windows open, arm hanging out.
I wanted a cigarette badly. Drove wonderfully for a car with 121,000 miles.
My favorite engine of all time: 383-2. Just as I remembered it from over 40 years ago. Smooth and more than enough power.
What it needs is immaterial from what I could determine from my first day with it. Minor stuff. I may do stuff. I may not.
Probably even leave on the flex upper radiator hose for a while. LOL. There is trim and emblems left off. They came with the car and are in the trunk. . After she died he just stopped doing stuff with it.
I named her BitterSweet.

Author: commando1