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I live in southern Nevada and drive a 62' Valiant with a 225 equipped wit factory electronic ignition.
During the cooler months, she runs flawlessly but, when the temuratures rise above 100°, she developes rough idling, hesitation and often, stalling.
Just last month, she lost spark completely.
As it turned out, the ECU had failed.
I replaced it and all was well for about 3 weeks.
Yesterday she began idling a little rough.
I suspect that the extreme heat is having an adverse effect on th ECU.
I have decided that a breaker point ignition system may be the answer.
Here is where I need advice.
I've seen a hundred diagrams showing the voltage flow for a breaker point system.
My question is where to draw power from...voltage regulator, ballast resistor, relay from the battery?
My electrical knowledge is limited so please be as detailed as possible.
Any help any of you can offer would be immensely appreciated.
I just don't want to take another ride in a tow truck!
Thank you.
Author: Jeffgofast