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ZTS Exotic Wash Show: Saturday, July 26th 2008

Hey guys wanted to give you all a heads up on the event below.



*Car, Bike & Truck Show: Saturday, July 26th 2008 Washington D.C. Metro*
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Good Advice!

Could have a point!!

Shift Cable Routing !!!!

Hey guys………..

I just installed a custom fabricated shifter in the Dart Sport……..

Long story short…..We had to use the Hurst 6 foot long cable due to the configuration…….we routed the cable across the transmission pan to save it from sharp bends or kinks, and used 7/16″ black fuel line (hose) as a split conduit for an insulator… hugs the pan, and is secured with a fabricated aluminum bracket bolted up to the pan.

I want your opinion………Do you guys think I’ll be…

Steering colum seal

I’m looking for a new steering colum seal for a 1965 Dart. Anyone know’s were to buy them? Thanks

Goodyear 7.00×13

I’m looking for a set of Goodyear power cushion for a 65 Dart. Must be in NOS condition. Tried everywere but no luck. Someone here that have an old spare tire? Must be black walls.

Happy Camper!!

:cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:I want to thank *”everyone”* for your excellent support and past suggestions on my trans upshifting problem. I got everything together today and she running superb!! :toothy10: I’m quite surprised that putting the TF-2 kit into a 904 valve body, then into the 727 works as well as it does. She shifts excellent (about 1500 RPM) not 3000 and I can slap in into any high gear without it not hanging up in low. No other adjustment were required as per (kickdown…

65 cuda

I am looking for the letters that go on the trunk that spell PLYMOUTH. also need 2 of the headlamp bezells.
thanks for my 65 barracuda.