84 d150

What’s going on, I’m looking to learn a lot about a vehicle I just stepped into. The vehicle is a 1984 d150 royal se, frame was coated and truck was painted in the 90’s early 00’s and then sat in a barn and then in a drive way till my brother acquired it for 250$ from his longtime highschool friend. His daily ended up breaking catastrophically and I traded him my Wj jeep build for it. Since I’ve owned it I’ve done all brakes and all basic tune up items with new tires also gutted interior and por15’d the floor and and bed floor due to surface rust. Took the trans out and did rear main and flex plate along with pan gasket and trans filter. Had a dynamax muffler installed with tucked duals and have a 3/4 lowering kit going on it soon. Currently it’s sitting in my garage due to a lack of running issue that caused me to pull the bay harness to re wire a bit of it and that’s where I’ll need all my knowledge.

Author: mkrause