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Fuel economy on a 440 maybe 493. With MPFI and T56 magnum

I’ve got a dumb question FUEL ECONOMY

440 and holley terminator multi-port efi with timing control
Possibly 493 stroker kit

definitely aluminum heads
T56 magnum wide ratio with .50 6th gear

3.73-3.55 gears

what you think fuel economy wise with…

Not Hung Well…


Had a shop do some exhaust work for me. They connected the front of the dual 3″ pipes on my 70 Duster to the headers, but only put ONE hanger in the back behind the axle. This can’t be right can it? Seems like I have always seen another hanger in front of the axle to take the load off the headers.

I’m hearing strange noises, sometimes a ting, then kind of a pop, then kind of a strange doing noise, hard to describe, but it alternates when I am under 10mph and decelerating, then it…

Not Hung Well…

Is this a bad idea?

I have a 68 dart with a 318, 4 speed manual, and 3.21 rear ratio. The car has a rear axle, K member, and suspension out of a 73 duster. I feel like at 45 or 50 mph I should be shifting to a higher gear but I am already in 4th. It is not a race car but …

1971 Plymouth Duster with 3.7 225 Slant six Idles very rough

I’ve had my ’71 Duster engine rebuilt, as well as the Holley 1 bbl. carburetor. The mechanic I use suggested that I use Pertronix Distributor, and go pointless. It seems ever since, my idle has been very rough. Idles too fast, and really rough.
1.) Electrically- – – completely new wiring harness throughout car, new alternator, spark plugs, coil, ignition wires.
2. With regards to fuel intake- – – Rebuilt 1 bbl Holley Carburetor, new vacuum lines, hooked up properly, new fuel pump,…

1971 Plymouth Duster with 3.7 225 Slant six Idles very rough

What do you think.?

I just received a complete 360 crate has never been fired,been on engine stand for about 10 is a molar performance short block with eddy performer rpm heads and mp 509 cam.I will dismantle and inspect everything.I have air gap intake…

Pair of small Carter Matching Carbs

Picked up a nice two four intake and wos thinking on building a mild 383 for a nostalgia type car. Looking for a pair of small carters to stick on it. Good cores will do as long as kits are still available. Just thought someone might have something laying under their bench? Hate to buy new Eddy’s for a budget builder. Linkage helpful but I can make my own.

1976 chrysler new yorker – $6,995 (Berlin)

not mine
1976 chrysler new yorker – antiques – by owner – collectibles sale

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