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Is this an 8 3/4 ?

I can buy this pumpkin for $150…
it appears to be an 8 3/4 with a clutch style sure grip. Guy says it is a 50s rear end ?

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Fiberglass rear Quarter Panels??

Hi does anyone make/offer rear quarter panels for a 72 and up duster in fiberglass? Strange request I know, but I’m looking at buying an older built drag car and it apparently has fiberglass on the rear quarters. Magnet wouldn’t stick and back side I can see the resin. So I’m guessing someone along the line made them. Car was built in the late 80s if that helps any. Thanks

Primer – wait to block?

I am ready to start painting my 71 Duster. I am reading the data sheets and have a question.

When I was glancing at different pages, I saw that on the Eastwood website, it said WAIT 5 DAYS FOR THE PRIMER TO DRY BEFORE BLOCK SANDING.

That is the onl…

Small block 4 speed bellhousing

Selling off all the 4 speed parts I bought for a conversion that ain’t gonna happen.

Here we have an aluminum bellhousing for a small block, 482 casting. $200 plus shipping from 85629, or can meet within reason somewhere around southern Arizona. I wi…

Parts still available!!!!!

I have a Black and Decker leaf blower/vac. It has to be a least 15 -18 years old. The vac housing has worn thru in spots several times over the years. Each time I have patched it and got a couple more years out of it. Last week a new hole appeared….

Would ya look at that! Who would have thought an A-Body would EVER be #1

The only thing I can think of is there was a little bidding war between 2 people that REALLY wanted it. And they let their fat wallets and fatter egos do the talking.

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