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68 – 70 Charger rear bumper mounting brackets

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68 – 70 Dodge Charger rear mounting brackets with hardware. In good condition. $110.00 plus shipping from 85373 (AZ).

Who is Nobita ??

At the bottom of the page I see “Ignore threads by Nobita”.
I never met this person.
What does this mean ?

Gas Cap question

Although my ’71 GTX has been running well, I noticed a “Swoosh” when i removed the gas cap today and noticed gasoline on the inside of the cap (Tank was half full). The temp today was mid Eighties.the cap may be the original and all lines are correct,including the Vapor tank in the wheel well. Is this Normal ? Should the Gas Cap be Vented ? Thanks

1974 chevelle parts

parting 1974 chevelle. Body has been sold for demo derby. PM with any needs

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1981 diplomat coupe project $850

Have to sell, wanted to save it but got too busy and have to let it go. Will be posting for sale as a complete car and if it doesn’t sell I’ll be parting it out. 1981 dodge diplomat coupe- 225 904 7.25. Would need trailered. Far from perfect, Driver f…

Exhaust layout

Hey ladies and gents hope all is well! Ill be getting the rest of my exhaust put on this week and I had a question which the answers may be personal preference. So I have a 65 fury 2 with the 318 all stock internals minus the cam which is a 264 .450 so…

Drilling my Zbar??

Clutch does not have enough throw to fully depress my clutch. (Not an original 4 spd car.)
I have pulled my z bar and am planning on drilling a hole 1" down where the pedal attaches to increase the throw.
Any warning or advice before I do?
An on u…