Fuel Line Options!!

I have a miserable vapor locking problem on my 360 4BBL……..Really hot weather right now, and the former owner just cobbed a fuel line together……runs within a quarter inch of the stinking radiator hose…….

I don’t care too much about looking exactly stock with this…….what would you guys recommend for a nice fuel line setup from the mechanical pump to the carb that will be good looking and nicely insulated? Pics?

I need to get this done yesterday………….8)

Mopar Nationals

How many here going to the Nationals?

are the proform carbs any good

hello. im getting ready to buy a carb and i saw the proform. my question is are the proform carbs any good.i dont wont to buy a carb and have nothing but a pain in the a$$. thanks

Photos of 66 Sat. Convert.

Any photos of 66 Sat. Convert. I need to see some for ideals. Perfer Hemi’s.


904 Tranny

Not mine and sadly not close to me or I’d pick it up


New Guy from FABO

hey, thought i’d stop by and say hi to all the B body guys. Dont have one yet, but plan on owning a 70 Runner someday.

Here’s my ride

1970 Plymouth Sport Sate. Minnesota.

Running but needs restoration. Runs and drives nice new brakes, 318, auto, manual brakes and steering, working am/fm stereo, day night mirror,…