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Thinking outside the box

Something I’m good at. I got a little Frank Sanatra in me. So I got this roller rocker on “The BEAST” that would not stay adjusted correctly for…

Drive down to Monterey

My wife had been working some long hours, it was Mother’s Day, needed to get away from the 6 year old and I was in the dog house for almost three…

Windshields Available for Fuselage Wagons & Sedans?

Is anyone aware of suppliers for windshields for the 1969 – 1973 fuselage stations wagons and sedans? The other models seem to be readily…

Drool worthy tools, what i want for Christmas!

I had a look at these on ebay, a bit rich for me considering I would still need to buy extra cutters, but hey, I am sure plenty of us would love to…

Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day all you mothers, and your wives too. LOL

Videotape yourself

Furyus 67 posted a great video on YouTube and while waiting for it to play after the mandatory popup ad, I actually found the ad really interesting….

Just gonna put this here!