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70 Challenger configuration

Are there any records that would show how many 70 383-2, A/T, were produced with a bench seat. LA plant, if it matters.

Expert paint help needed.

I have my car at paint and need some help/advice. I want to have the car painted using Glasurit top of the line paint. The paint shop uses PPG (Global) and had already put the PPG primer on the car. In speaking with Glasurit, the say that they will …

Need Distributor 3438222

Need a Distributor 3438222 with a date code around Dec 69. Please let me know if you can help.

NEED Carburator 4727S

Need a 4727S carb with a date code around L9 (Dec 69). Please let me know if you can help

Electric vacuum pump mounting

On a 71 road runner, where have you found to be the best place to mount a vacuum pump?

FOR SALE 1970 440-6 Distributor

1970 440-6 Distributor (dual point six pack). Excellent condition 2875982- IBS-4017A dated 45 9 for a/t $495

FOR SALE 3.91 ring and pinion for 489 case

3.91 ring and pinion for 489 case. Excellent condition. Removed from my car to swap for 3.23. $125 plus shippingAttachment 217234…